You place how you practice — do you feel like you worked hard enough to deserve the win?

One of the biggest things that I want to stress to you guys is that I believe that success in any area of life, but especially horses, is simple… put hard work in, get success out. As we go further into these clinics, I hope that theme is consistent throughout all of the different styles of riding, that we focus on how serious and how passionate you can get about all of the little details and tiny aspects of how we communicate with our horse in order to put together something finished and correct.

As we move through the off-season into the show season, it’s always easy to tell who’s been putting in hard work over the winter and who’s taken their foot off the gas pedal. I’m a huge believer that the ones you find consistently in the top of the industry are the ones that put in the work, plain and simple — every day that you go to the barn and ride that your competition is taking the time off, is a point on your side of the scoreboard. When you look at most sports, it’s about all the little errors that build up to being a loss at the end of the day; a missed connection, failed 3rd down conversion, dropped pass, missed block, or small penalty all add up at the end being a win for the opposing team.

It is my belief that that is the reason why it’s so important to do what you love to do… because if you don’t love it, you’re only going to put in the minimum amount of work required and somebody that loves it will outwork you. If you don’t have aspirations to becoming the best of the best, that’s perfectly fine… just make sure your ambitions match your work ethic!

Keep grinding,


P.S.> This showmanship clinic will only be viewable off Facebook due to the app crashing when we tried to save it off the Live feed, so sorry guys!