The first 30 to 60 days of your horse’s training set the tone for their entire life.

In this first video breaking down the training process of our two year old prospects, we cover how important I think the horse’s first few days and rides are. A few of the critical takeaways, I want you to make sure you understand that horses learn from the release and reward, not from when we get into them, so we want the horse to associate our hand petting them and saying “good boy/girl” as part of that reward. If you can get your horse to associate your pet with a reward, they will start to seek it much like a youngster in school — they don’t inherently know that getting A’s are better than F’s, as a society it’s up to us to encourage them to seek the A instead of the F by rewarding them when they get A’s… training horses for me, works much the same way.

I’m a huge believer that up until the very last few months, every horse should be started the same way no matter what event they’re made to do — training the young horse is about creating a willing student that’s soft, supple, and excited to come to work!